Dining Carryout & Delivery Service at Various Restaurants

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Visit Stonestown Galleria for Dining Carryout & Delivery Service

Stonestown Galleria

Now – Sat, May 30


Restaurant carryout & delivery options available for restaurants at Stonestown Galleria

Restaurant Phone Number Carryout Delivery
Blaze Fast Fired Pizza 415-573-0548 X X
Chipotle 415-418-3048 X X
Gram Cafe & Pancakes 628-256-6013 X X
Ike's Love & Sandwiches 415-680-9651 X X
Los Kuyas 415-988-5829 X X
Marugame Udon 415-680-1280 X X
Olive Garden 415-661-6770 X X
Honey Bar   X X
Tang Bar 628-270-9876 X X
Yi Fang Tea 415-697-9234 X X

Contact individual tenant for hours and pickup/delivery instructions. Service is subject to changes and/or cancellation.