Stonestown Galleria, A Dog-Friendly Mall

Stonestown Galleria Pet Policy

At Stonestown Galleria, we welcome your well-behaved, four-legged friends to our dog-friendly stores, public spaces and common areas.

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Pet policies vary by store or restaurant, so please check with each retailer to confirm.

  • Dog waste disposal bags are available from security or housekeeping staff upon request. Code of conduct signs are located throughout the common areas of the property.
  • Dogs must always be on-leash or in a pet carrier. Leashes must be non-retractable and no longer than 6 feet
  • Owners must immediately clean up after their dogs
  • Dogs displaying aggressive or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave premises
  • Dogs should display any required tags and be up-to-date on shots
  • Dogs are not permitted inside the Food Court, on mall furniture or water fountains, or at restaurants/retailers that do not permit them
  • Dogs may not ride on escalators; owners must either carry them on the escalator or use an elevator
  • Dogs shall not accompany mall employees. tenants, licensees, or contractors while they are working

At Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco, CA, people accompanied by dogs, which are ADA-defined service animals ("Service Animals"), should comply with applicable ADA rules. None of the above rules that conflict with the ADA will apply to Service Animals.